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Don’t Forget to Check WP_DEBUG

Timely plugin for WordPress is a fantastic Event Calendar plugin. Everything that uses the SQL query for the Agenda Views suddenly stopped working this week.

Updating the Plugin, WordPress, and trying to disable other plugins, did not fix this issue. The other calendar displays all worked fine, they use a different query. I wasted hours debugging this issue. You should use WP_DEBUG to reveal suppressed errors.

It turned out to be a database error. The host was able to fix the internal error overnight. I was notified that the bug was caused by recent server maintenance.

WordPress 3.6, Read More Links Broken

My WordPress sites updated to 3.6 pretty smoothly.

Read More links for post excerpts are not being output by functions.php.

The fix is simple. Just change … to … in the filter.

Automatic Related Products for LemonStand

Online stores can be overwhelming to maintain. LemonStand Cart requires that you set related products on each of your products. Clients with large numbers of products prefer automation where possible.


If the client does not specify related products, the below partial code will show related products from the database. The script grabs products from parent categories to ensure that the output remains relevant.

Partial Code

The partial is formatted for a theme based on Foundation 3 responsive framework. You may have to tweak the output to work for your LemonStand site.